New Construction Warranty

A Benefit of Buying New Construction

Most builders offer a new construction one-year warranty which covers many areas of repair and replacement throughout the house.

Recent home buyers of new construction properties are taking advantage of this warranty by having a professional home inspection. This inspection not only points out cosmetic flaws but also discovers hidden problems affecting the home. It is typical for various items within your home to change in just a year’s time, whether it is a structural, mechanical or cosmetic issue.

At HWI we will determine whether any of these warranted issues have developed and prepare a comprehensive report for you to provide to your builder. It is then typically the builder’s responsibility to ensure that the items needing remedy will be dealt with appropriately.

Another reason to have a warranty inspection is to receive helpful home maintenance and cost-saving tips regarding various systems throughout the home. Learning how to apply these techniques is important and can help minimize future problems or costly repairs. When you consider the investment you have made in your new home, a professional home inspection is a relatively inexpensive safeguard.

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